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Private Dental Plan® – What’s in it for You?

Alternative to Dental Insurance

You’ve established your practice and created a patient base. You accept your patients’ dental benefits plans and file claims on their behalf. You may be wondering: why should you offer your own Private Dental Plan®? At Dental Practice Services, Inc. (DPS), we have found that dentists who provide a self-administered dental plan increase case acceptance, patient retention, and practice income.

Improved Case Acceptance

More than 100 million Americans do not have dental coverage. Many who do receive benefits that are highly limited, leaving patients facing the choice between costly treatments paid out-of-pocket or going without necessary care. In addition, the time-consuming process of insurance company pre-approvals can cause patients to lose the sense of urgency in scheduling treatment.

With Private Dental Plan®, you can provide your patients with an alternative to traditional dental benefits. Your plan is customized to suit your practice and patients, so you can present treatment options without worry of denied claims. Dental care becomes more affordable to patients with limited or no dental coverage. Your team has no claims to file and can easily advise patients on details of your plan. Treatment can begin right away, instead of waiting days or weeks for pre-approval red tape.

Higher Patient Retention

Patient loyalty is tied heavily to their perception of value. When a treatment is not covered by their plan, they may seek out a special offer from a competing practice. With Private Dental Plan®, your coverage is designed to fit your services, keeping treatments affordable for your patients. Additionally, since your plan is only valid in your practice, patients have a higher incentive to continue seeing you for all their dental needs.

Increased Practice Income

With higher retention and case acceptance comes higher income. The greater patient satisfaction created by making treatments affordable can lead to more new patient referrals for your practice. Additionally, the ongoing nature of the yearly plan membership means that you receive payments even when patients are not scheduling care.

Before you launch your Private Dental Plan®, DPS will work with you to create your customized plan, train your team, and provide targeted marketing materials. Once your plan is live, we will continue as your partner, to collect membership fees, provide reporting, and ongoing coaching in plan sales and administration.

For more information about why you should offer Private Dental Plan® in your practice, contact our office.

3 Ways an In-Office Plan Makes Your Life Easier

Dental Insurance Alternate

Creating an in-office dental coverage plan will not only benefit your patients, it can also make your life easier. With the Private Dental Plan®, your practice can offer patients individualized service. But you can also create a plan that fits the needs of your practice. Here are three ways utilizing the Private Dental Plan® is easier than dealing with the third party dental benefits providers.

  1. You Create a Transparent Environment

Through the Private Dental Plan®, you know exactly what is covered. You can easily communicate this information to your patients. Patients will appreciate the transparency and the ease of working with your office instead of the dental benefits company.

  1. No Third-Party Calls

When a patient uses the Private Dental Plan®, your team won’t be stuck calling corporations to break down benefits. Should your patient need treatment, your team will know exactly what is covered and will be able to thoroughly explain to your patient. This cuts down on wasted time waiting on hold for the dental benefits company to get back to your front office team.

  1. Sell the Dentistry Your Patients Need

With the Private Dental Plan® your patients will be more willing to accept additional treatment recommendations. It is far easier to sell dentistry to patients with some level of coverage than to those with no coverage.

The Private Dental Plan® can make your life easier. Your practice will be better equipped to treat your patients directly and quickly. You will also be in a position to offer more services to patients who might otherwise neglect their care. Make your life easier with the Private Dental Plan®.

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