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Dental Insurance Alternate | Finally: A Patient-Centered, Practice-Focused Plan

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Now is the time to consider your practice strategy for 2017. Are you losing potential patients because of limited insurance offerings? There is a way to offer your unparalleled expertise to patients in a manner that is centered around their needs and the needs of your practice. Here’s what you need to know about the Private Dental Plan®.

Why Should Patients Care?

Medical insurance remains a hot-button issue for most people. Let’s face it, people are only going to seek out dental care they can afford. By offering an in-house plan, you can meet your patient’s needs in terms of budget. Rather than dealing with the hurdles imposed by an insurance company, you can take control and work with your patients on a one-to-one level they will appreciate. Patients will love having more options for coverage, and they will find it easier to work with you rather than a third-party insurance agency.

Why Should My Practice Care?

Are you ready for improved patient retention, increased practice income, and an increase in treatment acceptance? By utilizing an in-house plan you will see improvements in the number of patients you are receiving and keeping. Patients will also be more likely to accept high-valued dental service with the ability to pay through an in-house plan. It will be far easier to sell restorative work to an insured patient rather than one depending on paying with cash. Your practice will be offering a higher-valued service, and you will benefit in terms of retention and income.

It’s time to rethink the way the industry works. You need to think like your patients do and be what they need. Are they looking for value or care first? By offering an in-house plan, you can positon your practice in a unique way that provides experienced care, and is easy to work with when it comes time for payment. By shifting your practice to be more patient-centered, you can refocus your priorities to better your practice overall. Utilizing an in-house plan will lead to a greater acceptance of higher-value treatments, increased patient retention, and improved income.

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