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Dental Practice Services Overland Park KS| Convincing Reluctant Patients to Follow a Treatment Plan

Many dental providers frequently see patients who have foregone regular dental services or only come in on an emergency basis because of the high cost of treatment.  As a dedicated practice that has the Private Dental Plan™ program in place, you and your staff are likely to still face patients who are reluctant to get the regular treatment they need because of fear and/or misinformation about how your plan can benefit them. Discussing care with patients in the proper manner can go a long way toward patient retention along with explaining their options. 

Focus on the Patient 

Patients worry how their treatment will fit into their lifestyle and work schedule, how it will affect their health and their budget. While the Private Dental Plan™ that you have created to fit your needs will go a long way toward reassuring patients that they can afford treatment, don’t neglect the other points. Everyone is busy with multiple daily concerns. Finding time in your office’s schedule for an appointment that works with their lifestyle can help convince a reluctant patient. Similarly, educating a patient about his or her health needs and the consequences of neglecting them can often prompt an uptick in regular visits. Make sure that your entire staff is on board in making office visits easy. 

Remember, It’s Still About the Money 

Educating your patients about the benefits of your Private Dental Plan™ program can relieve a lot of stress and worry.  Cost will continue to be foremost in many patients’ minds. Talk about the program benefits and how you are able to design a plan that fits their budget. Make sure you highlight the following points: 

  • Affordability. Patients can select payments that fit their budget. 
  • No third-party hassles. Because patients are not dealing with insurance companies, there’s no chance of service denial and the headaches that go with appeals. 
  • Transparency. The patient’s out-of-pocket cost doesn’t change. This is a game-changer for many patients. 
  • Plan literature. Provide patients with brochures describing the Private Dental Plan™ program and allow them time to think about their options. Institute a follow-up plan that will help bring the most reluctant patients into your office regularly. 

Implementing the in-office Private Dental Plan™ program will not only benefit your patients but your practice as well. To learn more about how you can implement the Private Dental Plan™ in your office, contact us today so we can help you get started. 

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Dental Care Plans | 5 Ways Your Practice Can Benefit from the Private Dental Plan®

As a dentist, your patients depend on you to bring them timely, efficient, and affordable care. Did you know that an in-office dental plan can help you achieve each of these goals? With the Private Dental Plan®, your patients will have an affordable, convenient way to achieve the dental care they need, and they’ll be more prone to sharing their experience with others. Here are six reasons why you can better serve your community and improve your profitability with an in-office dental plan.

  1. Consistency. With the Private Dental Plan®, your patients are always in the know about their benefits, their costs, and their care. With an affordable monthly payment and the opportunity for high-quality care, your patients will have their expectations in line with your own.
  2. Alternative to dental insurance. Each year, dental insurance plans seem to grow more and more complex for patients to utilize. By utilizing the Private Dental Plan®, you create an accessible alternative for your patients to receive the care they need.
  3. Improved patient retention. Dentists across the nation have found that in-office dental plans have allowed them to build trust with their patients. With low monthly payments and no extensive insurance filing processes, patients will feel more inclined to seek you out and they may even refer you to their friends and family.
  4. More complex cases. It can be hard to offer dentistry to patients who are concerned about their payment options. With an in-office dental plan, your patients will be more likely to accept the dental care they need that they might otherwise reject. When patients hear their treatment will be covered, they listen.
  5. Customized plan for your unique practice. With the Private Dental Plan®, you can meet the specific needs of your practice. You can tailor your treatment plan to fit what your patients and community best.

The Private Dental Plan® has proven to be a revolutionary concept that rethinks dentistry. Rather than dealing with complicated insurance plans, your patients can work directly with your practice to ensure their affordable care. After all, nobody knows your patients the way you and your team do. Learn more about bringing an in-office dental plan to your practice today. Contact Dental Practice Services, Inc. today to schedule a consultation with us.

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In-Office Dental Plan | Why Dentists are Raving about the Private Dental Plan™

Dental Plans

Did you know that you can bring an influx of new patients to your doorstep by offering them affordable care through an in-office plan? Easy to administer, transparent, and profitable, the Private Dental Plan™ can bring your practice to a new lever. Many dentists have already witnessed the benefits of the Private Dental Plan™ — see what they have to say.

Be Transparent with Patients

“The Private Dental Plan™ program is so easy to work with and it has had a tremendous positive impact on my practice. My patients prefer my plan because they know what they are getting and can get the dental care they want. I love the being part of the Alliance and enjoy working with Greg and the staff. I would highly recommend this to any office and don’t know why any office wouldn’t consider this.”

  • Dr. Donna K. Gardner, DDS from Lenexa, KS

Simplify Your Procedures

“The best aspect I have noticed is how easily it works for the front office staff. My office manager has a lot less work with my PDP then any other insurance plans because there are no claim forms and the patient knows exactly what they owe.”

  • Dr. Charles R. Kimes, DDS from Overland Park, KS

Reach Your New Patient Potential

“The patients really like it and we continue to sign 1-2 people a week who want something else besides insurance. The best part is our plan is so easy to work with, simple to administer, and profitable for the practice. Having DPS as a partner to help operate our Plan is important for this office and we will continue to work with them.”

  • Peggy Franko, Office Manager from Baltimore, MD

Eliminate Third-Party Hassles

“No more waiting for pre-authorizations, attaching x-rays to claims or appealing claims. Patients receive the treatment they need without wait times or denials. Patients love this! Retirees and families with no dental insurance through an employer finally have an affordable option.”

  • Kelly R. Fein, Practice Administrator from Columbia, MD

The Private Dental Plan™ can be the change your practice needs to push you forward as a business and as a leader in your community. By offering patients a direct channel to their financial expectations and their personalized treatment, you can increase loyalty and retention. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

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Dental Care Plans | How to Attract More Patients to Your Dental Office

Private Dental Plans

in office dental plansPeople enjoy having flexibility in their schedules. This is especially true when it comes time to make a visit to the dentist. However, when an insurance company takes that flexibility away, many people are left unsatisfied with their dental coverage plan. This is where implementing the Private Dental PlanTM into your office can help increase your patient numbers and keep them loyal.

About the Private Dental PlanTM

The purpose of the Private Dental PlanTM is to help patients receive immediate and personalized dental service through a self-administered program by the dentist. This program eliminates all third-party involvement and allows the dentist to keep the earnings that are usually paid to insurance companies.

The Private Dental PlanTM also gives patients the flexibility they want and need in their dental coverage. By providing your patients with affordable dental coverage, they receive more quality care for their money and prefer working with you rather than an insurance company.

The Four Parts to the Program

This in-house dental program is designed to increase treatment acceptance, improve patient retention, and increase your profits with an easy, self-administered plan. When you work with Dental Practice Services to implement your own Private Dental PlanTM, we will:

  • Set up a custom plan based on your services and desired plan layout and process an actuarial evaluation of membership fees.
  • Provide marketing material including customized brochures and applications with digital versions for online use.
  • Train your staff on how to administer your plan and provide ongoing situational support.
  • Perform a monthly plan report involving profits and membership activity.

Upon setting up your In-house dental plan, we are considered an “extension of the dental staff” and look for a long-term relationship with your dental office. If you would like more information on the Private Dental PlanTM solution or to learn more about our services, contact our office today at (913) 851-3039 or visit us online.

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In-House Dental Plans | About the American Dental Alliance and the In-office Dental Plan

Private Dental Plans

When dental insurance prices increased, and employers stopped offering dental coverage to their employees, there was a major need for a different type of dental plan. Insurance companies began asking for high premiums or rejecting claims altogether leaving many people with high expenses or no dental coverage at all. This is what inspired Dental Practice Services, Inc to offer our own private dental plan with the help of an alliance of dentists across the Kansas City metro area.

What is the American Dental Alliance?

The American Dental Alliance is a group of more than 120 dentists who provide affordable dental care without 3rd party intervention. This alliance strives to enhance the doctor/patient relationship through accessible dental coverage that benefits them both.

The Alliance was formed to provide dental plans with good discounts and fees that are reasonably priced in the marketplace. General dentists wanted to expand their advertising dollar by forming a cooperative that would measure the dentist’s ability, not by an insurance industry’s standard. This group strives to provide dental care for anyone in the Kansas City area with a focus on people who are self-employed, retired, or small business owners that need a better dental coverage option.

What is The Private Dental PlanTM?

The Private Dental PlanTM is a self-administrated dental service plan that benefits the dentist and the patient without going through an insurance company. This plan allows the doctor to administrate a treatment plan that is exclusive to their office. All costs are discussed directly between the doctor and patient with no hidden fees, prior to beginning treatment. This plan allows for:

  • No waiting periods
  • Flexible coverage
  • No limits to specialty dentistry
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms

Our mission statement is to help dentists enhance their doctor/patient relationship by allowing patients to receive dental coverage without the hassle of dealing with an insurance company. We stick to this mission to provide affordable dental care to patients and allow doctors to receive a fair compensation for their work. If you are interested in implementing the Private Dental PlanTM into your office, or in joining the American Dental Alliance, contact our office today. 


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In-Office Dental Plan | How the Private Dental Plan™ Began

Private Dental Plan

Dentists have a collective goal to provide the best dental care for their patients. However, when insurance companies inhibit this goal, it creates unnecessary complications for the dentist and the patient.

In my personal experience, my wife needed a crown for two cracked teeth. The dentist encouraged us to have the procedure done because if the teeth were not treated they would eventually break and be lost. We had the approval and the doctor’s diagnosis and went ahead with the procedure. After the service was complete, my claim was rejected by the insurance company. We were told this happens often and after the second claim it should be cleared up.

Upon completing the second submission, the claim was rejected again. The insurance company claimed the procedure was “voluntary treatment and not required.” This put me and my family in the situation of having to pay for the costly procedure out of our own pocket. After a few months went by without me paying yet, the issue was dropped, and the office was eventually paid by the insurance company.

This long series of events was not unique of its kind. Too often insurance companies look for any way possible to get out of paying for their client’s dental needs. This experience led me to starting Dental Practice Services, Inc, which helps dental offices implement their own dental plans that are easy and convenient for the patients.

Dentists want to take care of their patients, not be held down by an insurance administrator. Stop working with over-involved insurance companies and give your patients the quality, affordable care they deserve. To learn more about how to implement the Private Dental PlanTM into your office, contact us today and we can help you get started.

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Private Dental Plan | Get to Know Your Patients

In-house Dental Plans

It can be easy to overlook this simple fact: dentistry, like most other professions, is primarily about trust. Patients trust your expertise to deliver quality and reliable care. You trust your team to offer efficient and helpful work. Strong relationships are the foundation of any successful practice, as they allow your team to operate at their best and ensure that patients keep coming back to you for treatment instead of looking to other practices for their next appointment.

The Benefits of In-Office Plans

No one likes talking about money. However, controlling the conversation about costs can be an easier way to deepen relationships with patients, boost loyalty, and increase treatment acceptance. Offering an in-office payment plan can save your patients money while increasing your profits and can help you offer clearer pricing for services, freeing your patients from the inevitable confusion that comes from dealing with a third-party insurance provider. In order to ensure that patients are willing to trust your team enough to consider signing up for an in-office dental plan, it’s beneficial to have an established relationship with them.

The Power of Relationships

Little things can often be more effective than grand gestures. Get your team involved in making each patient feel like the most important person in your practice when they come for appointments. Greet them by name, send birthday and holiday greetings, and follow up on life events they tell you about. It will go a long way in helping them develop a positive feeling towards you and your team.

Focus on the Best Option

Every patient you see will have unique needs, concerns, and financial constraints. By taking the time to build a unique relationship with them and learn more about their situation, you’ll be able to offer treatment plans that are custom-tailored to them. This will make them feel more valued and increase the likelihood that they accept the plan. Take the time to build stronger relationships with your patients.

Contact our team today to learn more about the additional benefits an in-office plan can offer for your patients and your practice!

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Biomimetic Dentistry and Private Dental Plan™

In-Office Dental Plan

Biomimetic dentistry utilizes conservative, minimally-invasive techniques to preserve and protect teeth. Due to its focus on repairing teeth through bonding and sealing, biomimetic dentistry helps prevent damage to healthy tooth structure when a restoration fails.

Traditional dental insurance is based around traditional dentistry techniques. Since insurance plans do not currently recognize the preventive value of biomimetic dentistry, these plans essentially incentivize more invasive and more costly treatments.

Learn more about biomimetic dentistry by noted biomimetic dentist, author, and education Dr. David S. Alleman:

Don’t let dental insurance companies prioritize their profits over your patients’ well-being. With Private Dental Plan™, you can provide incentive for your patients to choose a less-invasive option and keep the profits for your practice.

Boost Patient Reliability with an In-Office Plan | Dental Plans

In-Office Dental Plan

Affordability is often one of the primary concerns patients face when considering a dental treatment plan. Whether they have no dental coverage or are concerned about having to spend too much on top of their monthly premiums, financial worries can often keep patients out of the office until they find themselves in a dental emergency.

As a practice owner, you recognize the value that reliable, returning patients bring to your practice. Not only are they a consistent source of revenue, but they are also more likely to refer family and friends to your care. Offering an in-office dental plan could be the key to converting more patients into loyal regulars.

Many patients do not have dental benefits. The National Association of Dental Plans estimates that up to 40% of Americans lack basic dental coverage. There are a variety of reasons that a patient might not have dental coverage. However, regardless of the cause, a lack of dental benefits is a strong predictor of whether or not a patient will seek regular dental care.

Dental insurance can be a nightmare for both patients and doctors. The increased costs and inefficiency that results from bringing in a third party can be a major inhibitor to patients seeking care. By offering an in-office plan, you can remove this middle man, netting you a higher share of earnings, saving your patient money, and streamlining the payment process. This will allow patients who may have avoided regular examinations and cleanings to receive the care that they need on a consistent basis. Additionally, it may encourage them to seek additional treatment options they might otherwise decline.

If you’re looking for a way to boost the number of patients that regularly come to your practice for quality, reliable care, a Private Dental Plan™ from Dental Practice Services, Inc. could help. To learn more about the ways we’ve helped other dentists grow their practices with our plans, contact our team today!


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Common Mistakes that can Jeopardize Your Private Dental Plan™

In-house dental plans like Private Dental Plan™ can be an effective way for your practice to attract and retain more uninsured patients. Unfortunately, mistakes in managing your plan could put your practice in jeopardy of losing money and patients. Here are some of the most common missteps you’ll want to avoid.

1. Lack of Marketing

You have a great plan that will benefit both your patients and your practice. Unfortunately, without proper marketing, no one will know it exists. Spread the word to your patients and your community. Place flyers or rack cards in your office with details. Post on social media that you have an option for those without coverage. Most importantly, make sure your team is sharing the news with every patient and caller.

Consider reaching out to local small business owners who may not be able to afford dental coverage for their staff. They will be intrigued to hear about your alternative to costly insurance companies.

2. Lack of Training

The team members at the front desk are nearly always the first point of contact for patients, whether on the phone or in person. However, every member of your team should be trained to guide patients toward your Private Dental Plan™ and to explain its benefits.

Patients’ biggest concern regarding treatment is often the cost. By preparing your team to address these concerns by describing the benefits of your plan, you can increase case acceptance and the health of your patients.

3. Lack of Knowledge

When you implement your Private Dental Plan™, start by doing your research. Balance your fees to ensure you are competitively priced for your market without putting your books in the red. Check your state and local regulations to ensure you are in compliance.

With proper attention to detail, you can create a pricing schedule that will provide a higher profit margin than the average PPO plan, while still giving your patients an incentive to join.

For more tips on setup and administration of your Private Dental Plan™, contact our office today.