New patients boost your income and can seem like the most important part of your practice. However, if those new patients never return again, their benefit to your practice is extremely minimal. How can you keep your patients coming back for more?

Appointment Reminders and Confirmations:

When our patients book their appointments six months in advance, they can begin to forget where your office is located, much less that they have an appointment with a specific time and date. Make sure you send reminders to your patients about when you expect to see them. You can offer multiple communication methods, from emails to text messages and even good old fashioned mail. Whichever method you decide, your patients will appreciate the reminder, and you’ll appreciate the bump in appointments.

Waiting Room Woes:

If your waiting room looks like something out of a horror movie, patients who spend any amount of time there are going to form a negative opinion about your practice. Investing some time and money to this important part of your practice will be well worth it. Waiting rooms with character can add a warm personal feeling to your practice that it might not otherwise have.

Spend some time in your waiting room and see how you feel afterwards. Notice the things that could be improved about the experience and try to implement those changes to the best of your ability. Your patients will thank you by continuing to choose your practice.


Many dentists like to focus on targeting new patients with their marketing. As important and useful as this is, there’s something to be said for marketing to your existing patients as well. Invite them to join you on social media, or subscribe to a monthly newsletter. Marketing is a great way to stay fresh and relevant in the minds of your clientele. Developing a lasting relationship with your patients is what marketing is all about.

You Don’t Have A Private Dental Plan:

Dental insurance is becoming continuously harder for patients to keep. For many, dental care is just too expensive. By offering a Private Dental Plan, you help patients afford your care. This means they’ll say yes to your treatment and that they’ll continue to come back to your office year after year.

Stop losing your patients. Get a Private Dental Plan from Dental Practice Services, Inc. Call our office today for more information and get started designing your custom plan immediately.