A Private Dental Plan™ from Dental Practice Services is different than dental insurance plans. How?

Offering a self-administered dental coverage plan is easy for both you and your patients. Our clients find the program easy to run and enjoy the benefits of providing a plan that is available immediately to patients and doesn’t need to have benefits pre-approved. Always knowing what is available for the patient is a great bonus too.

If you decide to offer a Private Dental Plan™, our team provides your office with all the material needed to operate a plan. We furnish patient’s brochures that include applications and training for your front office and team. We also assist you in the administration of the program, including reporting and collecting of membership fees. For many of our clients, it feels as though we’ve become an extension of their staff.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have and meet with you initially to walk new patients and yourself through the process until you are comfortable administering your plan.

Our plan is designed to be easy for any office that wishes to offer a self-administered plan, unlike some insurance plans. We will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

With a Private Dental Plan™ your practice will benefit immensely from increased treatment acceptance, higher patient retention rates, and increased income. Contact us today to get started.