About “The Alliance” | In-office Dental Plan

Dental Practice Services, Inc. (DPS) is located in Overland Park, KS and provides consulting services to dental offices who want to provide a self-administered (by the participating dental office), dental service plan for individuals and small businesses.

Mission Statement

To help dentists enhance the doctor/patient relationship by allowing patients to receive dental coverage without 3rd party intervention such as insurance.


Help patients to have access to dental coverage with experienced doctors in offices that emphasize service. At the same time, allowing doctors to receive fair compensation for their services.

The “Alliance”

DPS formed The Alliance who is a group of general dentists and specialists, located in the Kansas City metro area, created to provide quality dental care and service and to give the highest respect for the patient. This group uses the Private Dental Plan™ (PDP) program, a self-administered dental service plan. The main benefit to a dentist is that there is no 3rd party administrator involved in the treatment decisions between the doctor and patient. Private Dental Plans® are designed by dentists with the patient in mind. The dentist’s staff administers the plans in the dental office and all treatment diagnoses and costs are discussed directly between the patient and the doctor, prior to beginning treatment. DPS manages the PDP Program and assists the dental office to administer these plans and to make certain that it is profitable for the dentist and a good value to the patient. This means that there are:

No Claims forms

No paperwork by the office or the patient.

No Pre-determination Clauses

Treatment that has been postponed can now be started and completed.

No Deductibles

There are no hidden costs.

No Waiting Periods

Benefits are available immediately for the patient.

There are no limits to specialty dentistry

DPS helps general dentists establish a list of referral specialists, for their member-patients to receive a 15% discount off the specialist’s services, which the general dentist may not perform. This provides additional discounts, as an added benefit to the private dental plan.

Flexibility in Coverage

A PDP provides a specific level of coverage. Dentists are free to provide additional services to member-patients and encouraged to promote their specialty such as cosmetic dentistry.

This provides the highest dental serviceability available and since there is no plan administrator for treatment decisions, the savings can be shared between the consumer, in the form of lower monthly payments, and the dentist by receiving the vast majority of those monthly fees.

Why Was The “Alliance” Formed?

The Alliance was formed to improve patient/dentist relationships by providing plans with good discounts and with private dental plan fees that were reasonably priced in the market place. General dentists wanted to expand their advertising dollar by forming a cooperative that would measure the dentist’s ability, not by an insurance industry standard, but rather the standard that drives dental care markets naturally, service. Too often, patients on network plans are driven from one plan to another by premium costs paid by themselves or their employer. They are forced to switch dentists because their new insurance plan did not accept services they needed. This unnatural force on the dental industry has caused significant confusion and concern between the patient and the dentist. The Alliance promotes the development of good, long-lasting dentist-patient relationships.

The PDP target markets are individuals who do not have coverage, self-employed people wanting good service, retirees wanting a good value, and small businesses that need dental coverage offered on a “voluntary” basis. These are underserved markets and many dental or insurance plans do not always provide the best dental value for these patients. Our goal is to provide an alternative payment arrangement other than 3rd party administered plans, for those people wanting quality dental coverage for themselves and their family members and be confident that they are getting good dental service, at a good price.

With your help we can make the Private Dental Plan™ program the best dental coverage plans available on the market today and set a new standard by which dental services will be measured.

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We can create customized plans that you are most comfortable offering to your patients.