When doctors hear about a Private Dental Plan™, they often first consider how it could be of benefit to their patients. While this thought process is a testament to the quality of care they provide, it does not do justice to the benefits the same plan can have on the entirety of their practice.

Increased Patient Retention

With a Private Dental Plan™, patients will be confident that you truly care for them and that they can afford that care. This confidence means that they will return to your practice time and again when in need of dental services. As they become members of your in-office plan, they’ll want to return and receive regular exams too. When more patients return to your practice, it allows your practice to grow at amazing rates, allowing you to do more of what you love: great dentistry.

Treatment Acceptance Rates

That same Private Dental Plan™ will also have patients accepting the care that they truly need more frequently. You’ll be able to stick to the treatment plans you prescribe and do all the dentistry that you want to do. 

Stronger Teams

Because your team will be able to work together to know what is covered under the plan, explain the benefits to patients, and provide the care needed, they will be able to be a more cohesive unit. Not only will our team teach your staff how to work together to administer your Private Dental Plan™, but we’ll also provide ongoing support for when you need it most.

When you offer your own Private Dental Plan™ you keep more of your hard earned profits and you help your practice become more successful. It’s really as simple as that. Contact our team today and get started on a plan of your own and a more successful practice.