Practices that offer a Private Dental Plan™ at an affordable monthly level are effectively increasing the number of insured patients that visit their offices. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 74 million Americans have no dental coverage. That’s nearly a quarter of the population.

By introducing a Private Dental Plan™ to your patients and prospective patients, you’re covering a market need. And when you provide a patient who was previously uncovered with a private plan, you change the way he or she thinks about dental treatment. Here’s how.

Treatments Are More Affordable

Patients with no coverage proceed with caution when they go to the dentist, if they go at all. Many feel that they can’t afford anything more than the cost of a cleaning. Consequently, they remain highly skeptical of any other potential treatments their healthcare practitioners suggest.

When patients have access to a Private Dental Plan™ , however, they’re less intimidated by the prospect of dental procedures and restorative work. They know that their plans will cover part or all of the care. This allows them to consider the merits of treatments in a way that isn’t clouded by the fear of owing great sums of money.

Simply put, patients on a Private Dental Plan™ are going to be more open to the types of dental care that go beyond the twice-a-year-cleaning model. They’ll listen to their dentists and seriously consider the positive impact of certain procedures without flinching at the thought of spending more money.

Patients Will Want Maximum Value for Their Monthly Payments

Once a patient is on your Private Dental Plan™, they will view their oral healthcare in a whole new way. Instead of primarily caring about spending the least amount of money possible, they will think more about how to get the best possible value out of their plans.

Patients on a monthly plan will want to take advantage of it—especially when the health and longevity of their teeth and gums are at stake. With monthly payments established, they’ll be less fearful of spending on their teeth and more focused on what treatments they can now afford. A Private Dental Plan™ transforms patient psychology in a way that benefits both them

and your dental practices. No longer fretting over having to pay the full cost of every procedure out-of-pocket, your patients will become more interested in getting the best possible oral healthcare at prices they know they can afford. Get started on creating your own Private Dental Plan™ and contact our office today.