Dental insurance can be very expensive these days. Many Americans lack coverage altogether, and as a result, may avoid your office altogether. A Private Dental Plan™ can give those patients the ability to visit your office for affordable care. As you are well aware, more patients mean a greater income for your practice. Below, we’ll discuss the specifics of how a Private Dental Plan™ can boost your practice’s income and leave you in a better financial position than insurance coverage.


A primary benefit of using a Private Dental Plan™ is that both you and the patient know exactly what is covered under the plan. Because you have the option to choose what your plan covers, you can inform your patients exactly how their care will be covered. When patients know for certain that they have coverage, they are far more likely to accept the treatment plan you have created, meaning more profits for your business.

Eliminating the MiddleMan

Dental insurance is paying your office less every year. By using a Private Dental Plan™ you allow your practice to keep more of the profits from treatment, while also reducing costs for your patients. Insurance companies require profits of their own, and create them through overcharging patients, underpaying your practice, or a combination of both. Avoid the hassle of insurance claims and offer your own Private Dental Plan™.

Patient Loyalty

When your patients know that you cover their care, they are likely to return to your practice whenever they are in need of dentistry. A Private Dental Plan™ gives your patients  the opportunity to visit your practice regularly at an affordable rate. Beyond the beneficial financial aspect this presents, it also creates a relationship with your patients built on trust and care. When you’re a trusted resource in your community, the profits come in both financial rewards as well as emotional ones.

A Private Dental Plan™ from Dental Practice Services enhances the doctor/patient relationship by allowing patients to receive dental coverage without 3rd party intervention such as insurance. Experience the benefits of a Private Dental Plan™ for yourself and contact our office today.