Traditional dental insurance is becoming more expensive and harder to keep for the average American. This could mean a decline in patients for you and your practice. However, if you had an affordable option for your patients, you could more easily retain current patients and attract new ones all while getting people the care they need. That option is a Private Dental Plan™ from Dental Practice Services, Inc.

The purpose of the Private Dental Plan™ program is to help the patient receive immediate and personalized service while allowing you, the dentist, to maintain profitability. By helping patients and helping dentistry, we offer the best alternative to overpriced dental insurance. These plans make dental care affordable and possible for families, individuals, and seniors. It also means that you won’t have to wait for payment, deal with the hassle of insurance companies, or miss out on a profitable case due to a patient’s inability to pay for their care.

In short, creating a customized Private Dental Plan from Dental Practice Services, Inc. is the best decision your practice will ever make. Not only will it increase treatment acceptance, patient retention and practice income, but it will also show your patients that you care about them, tying them to your practice for years to come through a bond of loyalty.

To get started on creating a plan designed for you, contact our office today and reap the benefits of a Private Dental Plan™ for yourself.