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Overland Park KS Dental Practice Services | Impact Your Entire Practice with a Private Dental Plan™

When doctors hear about a Private Dental Plan™, they often first consider how it could be of benefit to their patients. While this thought process is a testament to the quality of care they provide, it does not do justice to the benefits the same plan can have on the entirety of their practice.

Increased Patient Retention

With a Private Dental Plan™, patients will be confident that you truly care for them and that they can afford that care. This confidence means that they will return to your practice time and again when in need of dental services. As they become members of your in-office plan, they’ll want to return and receive regular exams too. When more patients return to your practice, it allows your practice to grow at amazing rates, allowing you to do more of what you love: great dentistry.

Treatment Acceptance Rates

That same Private Dental Plan™ will also have patients accepting the care that they truly need more frequently. You’ll be able to stick to the treatment plans you prescribe and do all the dentistry that you want to do. 

Stronger Teams

Because your team will be able to work together to know what is covered under the plan, explain the benefits to patients, and provide the care needed, they will be able to be a more cohesive unit. Not only will our team teach your staff how to work together to administer your Private Dental Plan™, but we’ll also provide ongoing support for when you need it most.

When you offer your own Private Dental Plan™ you keep more of your hard earned profits and you help your practice become more successful. It’s really as simple as that. Contact our team today and get started on a plan of your own and a more successful practice. 

Overland Park KS Dental Practice Services | Increase Treatment Acceptance with a Private Dental Plan™

Practices that offer a Private Dental Plan™ at an affordable monthly level are effectively increasing the number of insured patients that visit their offices. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 74 million Americans have no dental coverage. That’s nearly a quarter of the population.

By introducing a Private Dental Plan™ to your patients and prospective patients, you’re covering a market need. And when you provide a patient who was previously uncovered with a private plan, you change the way he or she thinks about dental treatment. Here’s how.

Treatments Are More Affordable

Patients with no coverage proceed with caution when they go to the dentist, if they go at all. Many feel that they can’t afford anything more than the cost of a cleaning. Consequently, they remain highly skeptical of any other potential treatments their healthcare practitioners suggest.

When patients have access to a Private Dental Plan™ , however, they’re less intimidated by the prospect of dental procedures and restorative work. They know that their plans will cover part or all of the care. This allows them to consider the merits of treatments in a way that isn’t clouded by the fear of owing great sums of money.

Simply put, patients on a Private Dental Plan™ are going to be more open to the types of dental care that go beyond the twice-a-year-cleaning model. They’ll listen to their dentists and seriously consider the positive impact of certain procedures without flinching at the thought of spending more money.

Patients Will Want Maximum Value for Their Monthly Payments

Once a patient is on your Private Dental Plan™, they will view their oral healthcare in a whole new way. Instead of primarily caring about spending the least amount of money possible, they will think more about how to get the best possible value out of their plans.

Patients on a monthly plan will want to take advantage of it—especially when the health and longevity of their teeth and gums are at stake. With monthly payments established, they’ll be less fearful of spending on their teeth and more focused on what treatments they can now afford. A Private Dental Plan™ transforms patient psychology in a way that benefits both them

and your dental practices. No longer fretting over having to pay the full cost of every procedure out-of-pocket, your patients will become more interested in getting the best possible oral healthcare at prices they know they can afford. Get started on creating your own Private Dental Plan™ and contact our office today.  

Overland Park KS Dental Practice Services |How a Private Dental Plan Can Boost Your Income

Dental insurance can be very expensive these days. Many Americans lack coverage altogether, and as a result, may avoid your office altogether. A Private Dental Plan™ can give those patients the ability to visit your office for affordable care. As you are well aware, more patients mean a greater income for your practice. Below, we’ll discuss the specifics of how a Private Dental Plan™ can boost your practice’s income and leave you in a better financial position than insurance coverage.


A primary benefit of using a Private Dental Plan™ is that both you and the patient know exactly what is covered under the plan. Because you have the option to choose what your plan covers, you can inform your patients exactly how their care will be covered. When patients know for certain that they have coverage, they are far more likely to accept the treatment plan you have created, meaning more profits for your business.

Eliminating the MiddleMan

Dental insurance is paying your office less every year. By using a Private Dental Plan™ you allow your practice to keep more of the profits from treatment, while also reducing costs for your patients. Insurance companies require profits of their own, and create them through overcharging patients, underpaying your practice, or a combination of both. Avoid the hassle of insurance claims and offer your own Private Dental Plan™.

Patient Loyalty

When your patients know that you cover their care, they are likely to return to your practice whenever they are in need of dentistry. A Private Dental Plan™ gives your patients  the opportunity to visit your practice regularly at an affordable rate. Beyond the beneficial financial aspect this presents, it also creates a relationship with your patients built on trust and care. When you’re a trusted resource in your community, the profits come in both financial rewards as well as emotional ones.

A Private Dental Plan™ from Dental Practice Services enhances the doctor/patient relationship by allowing patients to receive dental coverage without 3rd party intervention such as insurance. Experience the benefits of a Private Dental Plan™ for yourself and contact our office today.

In-Office Dental Plan | Four Reasons Why Your Patient Retention May Be Low

New patients boost your income and can seem like the most important part of your practice. However, if those new patients never return again, their benefit to your practice is extremely minimal. How can you keep your patients coming back for more?

Appointment Reminders and Confirmations:

When our patients book their appointments six months in advance, they can begin to forget where your office is located, much less that they have an appointment with a specific time and date. Make sure you send reminders to your patients about when you expect to see them. You can offer multiple communication methods, from emails to text messages and even good old fashioned mail. Whichever method you decide, your patients will appreciate the reminder, and you’ll appreciate the bump in appointments.

Waiting Room Woes:

If your waiting room looks like something out of a horror movie, patients who spend any amount of time there are going to form a negative opinion about your practice. Investing some time and money to this important part of your practice will be well worth it. Waiting rooms with character can add a warm personal feeling to your practice that it might not otherwise have.

Spend some time in your waiting room and see how you feel afterwards. Notice the things that could be improved about the experience and try to implement those changes to the best of your ability. Your patients will thank you by continuing to choose your practice.


Many dentists like to focus on targeting new patients with their marketing. As important and useful as this is, there’s something to be said for marketing to your existing patients as well. Invite them to join you on social media, or subscribe to a monthly newsletter. Marketing is a great way to stay fresh and relevant in the minds of your clientele. Developing a lasting relationship with your patients is what marketing is all about.

You Don’t Have A Private Dental Plan:

Dental insurance is becoming continuously harder for patients to keep. For many, dental care is just too expensive. By offering a Private Dental Plan, you help patients afford your care. This means they’ll say yes to your treatment and that they’ll continue to come back to your office year after year.

Stop losing your patients. Get a Private Dental Plan from Dental Practice Services, Inc. Call our office today for more information and get started designing your custom plan immediately.

Dental Plan In-Office | Why a Private Dental Plan™ is Better Than Traditional Dental Insurance

Traditional dental insurance is becoming more expensive and harder to keep for the average American. This could mean a decline in patients for you and your practice. However, if you had an affordable option for your patients, you could more easily retain current patients and attract new ones all while getting people the care they need. That option is a Private Dental Plan™ from Dental Practice Services, Inc.

The purpose of the Private Dental Plan™ program is to help the patient receive immediate and personalized service while allowing you, the dentist, to maintain profitability. By helping patients and helping dentistry, we offer the best alternative to overpriced dental insurance. These plans make dental care affordable and possible for families, individuals, and seniors. It also means that you won’t have to wait for payment, deal with the hassle of insurance companies, or miss out on a profitable case due to a patient’s inability to pay for their care.

In short, creating a customized Private Dental Plan from Dental Practice Services, Inc. is the best decision your practice will ever make. Not only will it increase treatment acceptance, patient retention and practice income, but it will also show your patients that you care about them, tying them to your practice for years to come through a bond of loyalty.

To get started on creating a plan designed for you, contact our office today and reap the benefits of a Private Dental Plan™ for yourself.   

Overland Park KS Dental Practice Services | What Your Patients Need to Know About Their Insurance Plan

Each year, dental insurance plans are covering less and costing more for your patients. You already understand the benefits of having a Private Dental Plan™, but your patients may not be convinced. Here is what you should inform your patients about to help them make the best decisions concerning their coverage options.

  1. Unlike medical insurance, dental insurance is meant only to act as an aid, and won’t completely cover their treatments.
  1. Many insurance companies will try to convince patients to use something called a “preferred provider”. If you are not on this list, you may end up losing patients. This is bad news for both your practice and your patients. Remind them that these dentists are “preferred” by insurance companies because they reduce their fees to entice more patients. In order to do so, the quality of provided care often drastically declines.
  1. Another common tactic to keep costs down is something called a “down-code” or an “alternate benefit”. This will often result in patients receiving outdated care that is cheaper. It’s important to remind your patients that their insurance company wants the cheapest dentistry available. You want to give them the best dentistry available. Which do they want?
  1. By choosing a Private Dental Plan™, patients can expect to make their care more affordable and immediate. Created by you, this insurance plan covers the exact procedure your patient needs and simplifies the process for both you and your patients.

Your care for your patients encompasses more than just the bare minimum. By making sure your patients understand their options, you demonstrate to them the level of dedication you have to their oral healthcare needs. This is a reminder that they will be sure to appreciate.

To learn more about how our Private Dental Plan™ can help both you and your patients, contact our office today.

Overland Park KS Dental Practice Services | The 74 Million Potential Patients You’re Missing Out On

Overland Park KS Dental Practice Services | The 74 Million Potential Patients You’re Missing Out On

Health insurance, including quality dental plans, is in high demand around the country. Despite this, a surprisingly high number of Americans lack coverage. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, nearly 23% of Americans have no dental insurance whatsoever.

That equates to 74 million people in the U.S. who may not be going into dental practices at all. More than a third of adults haven’t seen a dental professional in the past year. It’s time to get those patients into your office and accepting the care they need before it’s too late.

For many potential patients, going to the dentist is thought to be simply too expensive. What they don’t realize is that the longer they go without seeing a professional, the more expensive their eventual visit becomes. Without dental benefits, people are at an increased risk of suffering from other diseases or conditions too.

Studies have shown that declining oral health can increase the risk of heart disease by 67%,  the risk of diabetes by 29% and even lead to some types of cancers.

As a practice owner, you have the potential to provide both coverage and care to these patients through an in-office dental plan. By carrying your own dental coverage, you make care more affordable, allowing patients to accept treatment plans. You also have the ability to provide treatment immediately, providing the care that patients may otherwise neglect.

A Private Dental Plan™ from Dental Practice Services, Inc. is also a great benefit for you. By allowing you to retain patients for longer and simplifying the payment process it means more revenue for your practice.

It’s time to ask yourself if you can continue to afford not having a Private Dental Plan™. Don’t miss out on the millions of patients that need your care. Contact our office today to learn more about creating the perfect in-office dental plan for your practice.

Overland Park KS DPS | Four Great Ways to Retain Your Patients

If it seems harder than ever to keep new patients coming to your office in today’s world, you’re not alone. Patients are bombarded with competition, changing insurance plans and the influence of the internet. Although it may be harder, keeping your patients can be done with a little thought and effort. Here are a few guaranteed ways to make sure your patients come back for more.   

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule 

If there could be one rule for dentists in relation to maintaining their clients it would be to schedule their next appointment in office. While your patients may intend to book their appointment later, they may simply forget or be drawn to a different practice in the meantime. To avoid this, do your best to ensure you have staff who are excellent at getting your patients to book their next appointment while still in your office. You can also institute an immediate follow up procedure for patients who leave the office without doing so, and consistent contact of overdue patients. 

Customer Service is Key  

A friendly staff and punctuality are critical to keeping your patients happy and in your office. You most likely got into dentistry to help people maintain their oral health. Don’t forget this, and make sure your patients are well taken care of. They’ll usually return the favor. 

Promote Your Brand 

The best way for people to know that your practice has the best service, technology and experience is for you to tell them. Make sure that your patients know about your efforts to deliver the newest information, services and equipment. Together, you can create an atmosphere of the highest quality and distinguish your office as a top-of-the-line institution.  

Have an In-Office Dental Plan 

Giving your patients the opportunity to choose an in-office dental plan through Dental Practice Services ensures them that they can afford the proper care they deserve. These plans are also significantly easier to understand than 3rd party insurance plans and give your patients the ability to understand what they’re paying for and exactly how much it is going to cost. When your patients have confidence in you, they will consistently return.  

If you would like to further discuss how a Private Dental Plan could benefit both your practice and your patients be sure to contact our office today! 

Overland Park KS DPS | Regaining Control of Your Practice With a Private Dental Plan

While our services are a great resource for your patients, they can also be a huge benefit to you. You are probably no stranger to insurance company caused headaches. They suck up a huge amount of your time and money, and yet you have no choice but to put up with them. Or do you?  

A Private Dental Plan from Dental Practice Services gives you the best alternative to expensive 3rd party insurance options, one which allows you to skip the headache and keep more money. The fact is, dental insurance pays your dental office less every year. And instead of getting paid on the first visit, you discount it and wait for payment from the insurance company. It’s time to take back the reins of your dental plan and your practice. 

With Dental Practice Services you have the ability to fully customize a dental coverage plan that meets the needs of your practice. Gone are the days of insurance plans that only cover certain parts of your visit. Additionally, your new in-office plan will be far easier to administer than conventional insurance plans. You get paid immediately and patients are far more likely to accept the services that they need.  

Our Private Dental Plans are straightforward and easy to understand. They help you earn a greater portion of each service than paid by insurance companies. Your patients will thank you too, as they receive a substantial reduction in fees and will be able to afford the necessary care. It’s time to provide your patients with real benefits and regain control over the practice you work hard to build every day.  

For more information on your private dental plan options contact our office today.   

Dental Practice Services Overland Park KS| Convincing Reluctant Patients to Follow a Treatment Plan

Many dental providers frequently see patients who have foregone regular dental services or only come in on an emergency basis because of the high cost of treatment.  As a dedicated practice that has the Private Dental Plan™ program in place, you and your staff are likely to still face patients who are reluctant to get the regular treatment they need because of fear and/or misinformation about how your plan can benefit them. Discussing care with patients in the proper manner can go a long way toward patient retention along with explaining their options. 

Focus on the Patient 

Patients worry how their treatment will fit into their lifestyle and work schedule, how it will affect their health and their budget. While the Private Dental Plan™ that you have created to fit your needs will go a long way toward reassuring patients that they can afford treatment, don’t neglect the other points. Everyone is busy with multiple daily concerns. Finding time in your office’s schedule for an appointment that works with their lifestyle can help convince a reluctant patient. Similarly, educating a patient about his or her health needs and the consequences of neglecting them can often prompt an uptick in regular visits. Make sure that your entire staff is on board in making office visits easy. 

Remember, It’s Still About the Money 

Educating your patients about the benefits of your Private Dental Plan™ program can relieve a lot of stress and worry.  Cost will continue to be foremost in many patients’ minds. Talk about the program benefits and how you are able to design a plan that fits their budget. Make sure you highlight the following points: 

  • Affordability. Patients can select payments that fit their budget. 
  • No third-party hassles. Because patients are not dealing with insurance companies, there’s no chance of service denial and the headaches that go with appeals. 
  • Transparency. The patient’s out-of-pocket cost doesn’t change. This is a game-changer for many patients. 
  • Plan literature. Provide patients with brochures describing the Private Dental Plan™ program and allow them time to think about their options. Institute a follow-up plan that will help bring the most reluctant patients into your office regularly. 

Implementing the in-office Private Dental Plan™ program will not only benefit your patients but your practice as well. To learn more about how you can implement the Private Dental Plan™ in your office, contact us today so we can help you get started. 

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