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In-Office Dental Plan | Why Patient Loyalty Matters

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You probably have a list of people you might consider “star patients” at your practice. They are the ones who heed your advice, show up on time, respect your team, and tell their friends about you. Patient loyalty matters, especially in today’s competitive healthcare market. Patients are not only looking for value, they expect superior service. It’s in your best interests to foster loyalty and let your patients know how important they are to you.

Loyal Patients Talk

One of the benefits of having a group of raving fans is that they talk positively about you. They tell their family and their friends about the amazing experience they had at your office. There is no better form of advertising than an honest, trustworthy testimonial from an actual patient. Loyal patients are walking billboards for your practice.

Loyal Patients Listen

Loyal patients will trust your expertise. They know you do quality work and care about their health and well-being. Often, this translates into them being more willing to accept additional treatments or services such as cosmetic work. It is essential that you build trust and respect with your patients, because once they are on your side, they will bring you additional business.

I Want More Loyal Patients

Would you like to increase the number of loyal patients you have? One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to offer something that other dental offices are lacking: an affordable, attractive payment plan. The Private Dental Plan™ can help you boost patient loyalty because it provides real value to them. A leading factor in whether or not someone decides to seek dental care is cost. It’s hard to develop a loyal patient base when patients are resistant to come in due to fears about price. The Private Dental Plan™ eliminates this barrier. It’s the perfect tool for attracting and keeping new patients.

To learn more about how The Private Dental Plan™ can benefit your practice and increase the number of loyal patients you receive, contact us today. We have helped dentists nationwide improve their profits and case acceptance numbers thanks to our in-office dental plan. Get started today.

Dental In-Office Plan | More Options, More Patients

Dental Practices Services, Inc.One-third of the American public does not seek regular dental care according to the American Dental Association (ADA). How can your practice capture this untapped market for prospective patients? A primary indicator of whether patients seek dental care is insurance coverage options. Fewer people have dental insurance than medical insurance. In some circles, dental care is not viewed as a necessity. Ready to change this flawed perception? Read on.

Take Control, Offer Options

People will seek dental care if they know there are available coverage options. Take control of your practice and create an in-house plan. Dealing with insurance companies can be just as frustrating for your patients as it is for your practice. Cut the confusion, cut the red tape. Tap into this market of potential patients that need dental care but can’t afford it. It is easier to sell dentistry when you provide numerous options for patients to work with.

Dentistry Provides Value, Prove It!

Oral health care is a crucial element to your overall health. As a dentist, you know that, but the public might think otherwise. Prove your value and worth. There are patients who need serious dental care but are avoiding it because they don’t think they can afford it. Prove them wrong by offering them a plan that fits their needs. Use the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of dental health and earn a repeat patient.

Change Your Structure, Reach Your Goals

Changing the way your practice works with patients is the key to reaching your long-term goals. Growth can only be achieved by reaching new patients. Position your practice as one that is a pleasure to visit. Remember the old saying, “Location, Location, Location”? It still applies. You need to be where potential patients are looking. That location is as a practice that offers numerous payments options, good value, and high-quality care.

Try rethinking your practice from the inside-out. Offering an in-house insurance plan will allow your patients to have additional payment options. You are providing a valuable service to your patients, but some of them need assistance in order to consider making an appointment. You don’t have to revolutionize the entire industry to reach new patients, but you can start by taking a fresh approach to your own practice.

Ready to create an in-house plan that works for both your patients and your practice? Contact us to get started.

In-Office Dental Plan | Create a Patient-Friendly Environment

In-Office Dental Plans Near Me

Dental offices can be intimidating for patients when they first walk in the door. New patients may be faced with a busy office phone ringing non-stop and the sounds of dental equipment in the background. Some of these situations can add to the anxiety new patients may be facing. Here are three strategies that your dental office can use to create a more patient-friendly atmosphere.

Friendliness on the Front Lines

The first person a patient interacts with at a dental office is the front desk team. Not only will that team member be providing the first impression of the practice, but they will also be the one interacting with patients for future appointment scheduling and monetary matters. Having a friendly and polite employee at the front desk can go a long way in creating a positive first impression for patients, while alleviating any additional concerns they may have. Being assisted in a courteous manner will show patients how easy it is to work with your team and build patient loyalty.

Have a Presentable Waiting Room

The waiting time after arriving at a dental office can be nerve-wracking for anxious patients. Creating a presentable and welcoming waiting room can help lessen their stress. Amenities as simple as comfortable chairs and reading materials can help a patient take their mind off their visit. Creating a play area for children will keep them occupied, while also helping to keep the noise level of the area down.

Communication is Key

Patients can become frustrated if they feel they have to ask numerous questions to get answers. Good communication can remove frustrations and keep the patient in the loop regarding their oral health. Additionally, you’ll be able to build a strong doctor-patient relationship. Strong communication will benefit your entire team, from the front desk to the treatment room. Review all the options that a patient has for any needed treatment, cover different payment methods, and discuss easy ways to schedule appointments. Good communication will keep your patients coming back.

Provide each patient a great experience at your office. Not only will your patients be happy with their dental care, but they can become referral sources for new patients. With these three strategies, your office can take a step in the right direction for creating a patient-friendly environment.

To see how our team can help you, contact us.

In-Office Dental Plans | Finding Untapped Opportunity

In-Office Dental Plans

According to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 100 million Americans lack basic dental coverage. Dental coverage can be a strong indicator of whether a patient regularly visits the dentist. The American Dental Association recommends twice yearly cleanings, but less than a quarter of adults without dental coverage have visited the dentist within the past year.

Reaching individuals who think they can’t afford to prioritize dental care could be a huge opportunity for growth for your practice. One of the most effective ways to recruit new patients lacking dental insurance is by providing an alternative, in-office dental payment plan.

With the Private Dental Plan™, patients have another access point for receiving the oral healthcare they need. When a patient is worried about the affordability of care, it can often be difficult to help them grasp the importance of the treatment you offer. However, an in-office dental plan allows you and your team to take control of the financial conversation when presenting a treatment recommendation.

In-office dental plans can boost patient loyalty, help increase production numbers through greater case acceptance, and allow you to serve patients who would otherwise ignore the need for dental care. They can also often save you and your patients money by removing insurance providers from the equation.

Everyone needs regular dental care, but millions of Americans are foregoing this necessity. However, neglecting basic care can often mean more expensive corrective procedures are necessary in the future. Thanks to the convenience and flexibility offered by in-office dental plans, there’s a way to reach this new market of opportunity.

To get started with the Private Dental Plan™, contact our team today.

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In-Office Dental Plan | Don’t Make These Mistakes When Starting an In-Office Plan

66283 In-Office Dental Plans

Preparing to roll out an in-office plan for your practice takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. Many dentists fail to recognize the value and opportunity that an in-office plan can bring to the practice. Here are three common pitfalls many dentists experience when developing a new in-office benefit plan without the proper guidance and assistance.

  1. Lack of Training

A common mistake when starting an in-office plan is a lack of proper and comprehensive team training. Your team needs to be on the same page as you regarding the particulars of your plan. After all, it will be your front office staff fielding questions from patients and phone calls from prospective patients. Don’t forget to properly equip your hygienists with the right information as well. Hygienists play a crucial role in laying the groundwork for future treatments. For many patients, cost is the first thing they consider when thinking about dental care. Train your hygienists to discuss the benefits of an in-office plan before the patient can reject the suggestion of treatment.

  1. Inadequate Pricing

When some practices choose to “go it alone” to set up an in-office benefit plan, they neglect to do the proper research. How will you determine your plan’s fee structure? Consider incentive pricing carefully, both to ensure it adequately covers your own costs and that it is something that will be attractive to patients. Look at your competition. Competitors play an important role in helping you establish your own pricing, as well as market position.

  1. Marketing Is an Afterthought

You finally have your plan up and running and you find yourself asking, “Now what?” Your plan isn’t going to be successful on its own. Develop a marketing strategy to increase awareness of your new plan. Create marketing materials to target new patients, but don’t forget to market to your existing patients as well. Your new plan should be a vehicle to drive new patient numbers up, as well as increase the case acceptance rate among your current patients. Your marketing materials need to carefully and thoughtfully convey this.

Setting up a new in-office dental plan can be a hassle. Rather than fall victim to common mistakes such as poor team training, incorrect pricing, and ineffective marketing, work with a team that can guide you through the process. At Dental Practice Services, Inc.™, our team has helped dentists establish an effective alternative to costly dental insurance. Our Private Dental Plan™ can help you grow your practice through increased revenue and new patient numbers.

Contact us for a consultation to see how the Private Dental Plan™ can transform your practice.

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In-Office Dental Plan | Success Stories With the Private Dental PlanTM

Private Dental Plan®

Private Dental PlansAt Dental Practice Services, Inc. our goal is to help dental practice owners establish an in-office plan that drives revenue and increases patient satisfaction. We know what it is like to be a frustrated patient met with the complex challenges of navigating dental benefit plans. We also understand the business side of practice management that dentists have to balance in addition to providing quality oral health care. We love sharing the success stories of some of our satisfied clients that have implemented the Private Dental PlanTM and saw successful results.

Jenny Simcox – Kansas City, KS

One of the best things about the Premium Plus Plan is that it is “OUR” dental plan. When patients sign up for the Premium Plus Plan they are signing up with our office only. This keeps them in the practice, which is a win/win for both the patient and the dental office. The patients win because they are able to get affordable dental treatment and we win because we see our patients on a regular basis and know their oral health needs are taken care of. Treatment for our patients is decided by our patients and our doctors, not an insurance company.

Lisa Gonzales, DDS – Kansas City, KS

The PDP program works well for me because of the high monthly income and ease of the administration of it. My Plan works well for patients who are not eligible for insurance and helps sell our treatment plans. The program is financially beneficial to both the patient and our office.

Peggy Franko, Office Manager – Baltimore, MD

The patients really like it and we continue to sign 1-2 people a week who want something else besides insurance. The best part is our plan is so easy to work with, simple to administer, and profitable for the practice. Having DPS as a partner to help operate our plan is important for this office and we will continue to work with them.

Do you want to see more new patients? Are you looking to increase your bottom line? We have been helping practices nationwide obtain and keep new patients thanks to the Private Dental PlanTM.

To learn how you can get started with an in-office dental plan, contact us today.

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Self-Administered Dental Plan | Raise the Level of Care Your Patients Receive

In-Office Dental Plan

Private Dental Plan Near MeAs a dentist, you might be used to explaining the importance of a particular procedure to a patient only to have them turn it down. Why? Oftentimes, concerns regarding financing and payment are the reasons behind dismissal. What if your practice could turn these rejections into case acceptance?

The Private Dental Plan™ can change the way you present cases to patients. With The Private Dental Plan™, your practice is in control regarding financing. You will have your patients’ attention when they hear there is another way to pay for treatment without going through complicated insurance company policies. With an in-office dental plan, your patients will think twice before turning down a treatment or procedure they need.

By offering an in-office plan, you can build patient loyalty. The benefits to patients will make it worthwhile to continue to choose your practice for dental care. They will also have extra motivation to schedule hygiene appointments. Patient retention can be improved once they see the high standard of care you and your team provide – they just need a chance to experience that level of care before turning it down.

The Private Dental Plan™can allow you to provide the quality treatments your patients require. You’ll feel that sense of fulfillment in your career again knowing that you are helping patients have access to the care they need.

If you are ready to offer your patients an exciting alternative to costly, complicated dental benefit plans, contact us today.

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Private Dental Plan™ | 5 Reasons Your Practice Should Carry an In-Office Plan

In-Office Dental Plan

Self-Administered Dental PlanYour patients depend on you to care for their needs in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Are you doing all you can to offer superb service? If you make it easy for your patients to pay, your patients will notice, and they will likely share their experience with others. This is where the Private Dental Plan ™ comes in. Here are 5 reasons your practice should offer an in-office plan.

  1. Each Year, Dental Insurance Covers Less

Your patients notice diminishing coverage year after year, and your practice has likely felt the effects, as well. Each year, dental insurance seems to cover less. By utilizing the Private Dental Plan ™ you create an alternative to dealing with big insurance companies.

  1. Customized for Your Practice

With an in-office dental coverage plan, you can meet the needs of your specific practice. Tailor it to fit your patients. Big insurance companies don’t know your patients the way you do. Take the driver’s seat and create a plan that works for you and your patients.

  1. Everyone is on the Same Page

With an in-office plan, your team and your patients can clearly communicate with one another in terms of what needs to be paid. There is no third-party, no corporate red tape to fight through. If your patients have a question, they call your office. It’s that easy.

  1. Patient Retention

If you offer easy to understand options to your patients, they are likely to stick around. Prove your value to your patients by branding your practice as one that is flexible. Patients are seeking value and quick service for their oral health needs. Be there for them.

  1. Patients Will Accept Additional Services

It can be hard to sell dentistry when patients are concerned about payment options. With an in-office dental plan, patients are more likely to accept services that they might otherwise neglect. When patients hear a treatment is covered, they listen.

The Private Dental Plan ™ is a revolutionary concept that rethinks the way the dental industry operates. Rather than deal with complicated third-party insurers, your practice and patients can work together directly. No one knows your patients the way you and your team does. Doesn’t it make sense that you work with your patients to offer coverage options?

To get started with your in-office dental plan, contact us today.

Private Dental Plan® | Getting Started: What to Expect from Dental Practice Services, Inc.

Self-Administered Dental Plan

Self-Administered Dental PlanOnce you’ve decided that offering Private Dental Plan® is the right fit for your patients and your practice, you may start to wonder what comes next. With Dental Practice Services, Inc. (DPS), we have designed a four-part program to make implementing your new Private Dental Plan® easy for you and your team.

First, DPS will work with you to create a customized plan based on your services and preferred plan design. We will process an actuarial evaluation that will determine the appropriate membership fees for your patients. This ensures that your plan will be cost-effective and affordable for your patients while providing an equitable return for your practice.

Next, DPS will provide you and your team with customized marketing materials to help you spread the word about your new plan. These materials include informative brochures and  applications for your plan. We even include a customized electronic application for you to use on your website. Patients who are self-employed, retired, or have limited or no dental coverage are ideal for membership in Private Dental Plan®.

Before launching your new Private Dental Plan®, DPS will provide comprehensive training to your team. We will instruct them in how to effectively present the plan to your patients. Your patients will enjoy knowing they can afford the treatment they need. You and your team will enjoy increased case acceptance and knowing exactly what coverage entails, without spending time and stress processing pre-approval requests.

Finally, DPS becomes a partner to your practice for a long-term beneficial relationship. DPS performs monthly plan collection and reporting as an extension of your dental staff. This includes providing accurate activity and membership reports each month, so you are able to easily calculate the increases in case acceptance, patient loyalty, and practice income you are receiving due to providing Private Dental Plan® to your patients.

If you would like more information about Private Dental Plan® and how it can benefit your practice and your patients, contact our office.

Private Dental Plan® | Dentistry is Essential: Do Your Patients Know This?

Best Dental Plan

Dental Services in Overland ParkDentistry can save lives. Not all your existing or potential patients understand this. Millions of Americans neglect their oral health each year, even though poor oral health has been linked to increasing the risk of developing heart disease and stroke, among other serious complications. A primary indicator of whether patients will seek dental care is insurance coverage. It is imperative that your practice positions itself to meet the needs of existing and potential patients. Our Private Dental Plan® can bridge this gap in meeting the needs of patients and your practice.

Better Retention, More New Patients

By using the Private Dental Plan ®, your practice is better positioned to retain existing patients. You are providing them an additional service that offers individualized expertise from your team. They won’t have to deal with third-party insurance corporations. You will also be in a better position to attract new patients. Offering patients the options provided by the Private Dental Plan ® will allow you to attract new, high-quality patients that are otherwise avoiding your care because of fears over payment.

Offer Additional Services

With the Private Dental Plan ®, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your patients will accept additional services or treatments based on payment concerns. Patients will be more likely to accept your recommendations regarding further treatments when they hear there are payment options available.

You are providing patients with expertise they would lack if they didn’t visit the dentist. Dentistry can save lives. The only way to reach those who need it is to be where they are looking. Patients are looking for value and simplicity. You can provide this through the Private Dental Plan ®. Not only are you offering them the value of an in-house plan, but you are also making it easy to solve any problems or answer any questions. When your patients need assistance, they contact your office, not the insurance company. Make your patients aware of the important, life-saving service you are offering.

To get started with the Private Dental Plan ®, contact us today.