Our Ideal Practice

Self-Administered Dental Plans

What is the make-up of our ideal practice?

Our best clients care about their patients and want them to have the treatment available and to be happy and healthy. A practice that promotes itself and emphasizes excellent dental services is important. It also makes sense for a practice to have a large enough patient base that can sign enough of their patients to actuarially calculate the cost over a big enough group and to have the plan pay for itself, 50 memberships or more.

The front office needs to be able to sell the benefits to those who can benefit from its use. They need to be able to recognize ideal patients, such as: those who are self-employed, retired, carry cleaning-only dental insurance, plans that make you wait to use benefits, emergency service patients, and those who cannot get dental coverage from their employer.

Many of these patients understand the benefit of dental coverage and can afford the monthly payment and get the most out of the plan by maintaining their oral health care.