Private Dental Plan™

Dental Practices Services, Inc.

Win-Win Solution for the Patient and the Practice

Private Dental Plan®

The purpose of the Private Dental Plan® program is to help the patient to receive immediate and personalized service through a dental service plan and allow the dentist to retain patients and keep the earnings that are usually paid to the insurance company to administer the plan.

This self-administered dental service plan allows dental offices to offer access to dental coverage for those who would not normally be able to afford it. By helping patients and helping dentists, a Private Dental Plan® provided by the dentist offers the best alternative to overpriced dental insurance. Our method of dental coverage administration will change the dental industry.

Increase Treatment Acceptance:

Is it easier to sell restorative work to an insured patient or to someone paying cash? By offering an in-house marketing plan, a patient can receive value for their monthly payment and will be more likely to accept higher cost dental service. This provides a higher value for your chair time and adds revenue to your bottom line.

Improve Patient Retention:

By providing your patients with affordable dental coverage available only through your practice, you can tie your member-patients to your practice long term. Patients receive better value for their dental dollar and prefer working with you – the dentist rather than a 3rd party agent. They are no longer loyal to their insurance company, but to you.

Increase Your Practice Income:

Insurance and Dental plan companies make money. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t as many be as many as there are. By offering your own dental plan to your existing active and inactive accounts and to referrals, you can increase your production revenues by receiving most of the monthly membership fees.