In-house dental plans like Private Dental Plan™ can be an effective way for your practice to attract and retain more uninsured patients. Unfortunately, mistakes in managing your plan could put your practice in jeopardy of losing money and patients. Here are some of the most common missteps you’ll want to avoid.

1. Lack of Marketing

You have a great plan that will benefit both your patients and your practice. Unfortunately, without proper marketing, no one will know it exists. Spread the word to your patients and your community. Place flyers or rack cards in your office with details. Post on social media that you have an option for those without coverage. Most importantly, make sure your team is sharing the news with every patient and caller.

Consider reaching out to local small business owners who may not be able to afford dental coverage for their staff. They will be intrigued to hear about your alternative to costly insurance companies.

2. Lack of Training

The team members at the front desk are nearly always the first point of contact for patients, whether on the phone or in person. However, every member of your team should be trained to guide patients toward your Private Dental Plan™ and to explain its benefits.

Patients’ biggest concern regarding treatment is often the cost. By preparing your team to address these concerns by describing the benefits of your plan, you can increase case acceptance and the health of your patients.

3. Lack of Knowledge

When you implement your Private Dental Plan™, start by doing your research. Balance your fees to ensure you are competitively priced for your market without putting your books in the red. Check your state and local regulations to ensure you are in compliance.

With proper attention to detail, you can create a pricing schedule that will provide a higher profit margin than the average PPO plan, while still giving your patients an incentive to join.

For more tips on setup and administration of your Private Dental Plan™, contact our office today.