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You probably have a list of people you might consider “star patients” at your practice. They are the ones who heed your advice, show up on time, respect your team, and tell their friends about you. Patient loyalty matters, especially in today’s competitive healthcare market. Patients are not only looking for value, they expect superior service. It’s in your best interests to foster loyalty and let your patients know how important they are to you.

Loyal Patients Talk

One of the benefits of having a group of raving fans is that they talk positively about you. They tell their family and their friends about the amazing experience they had at your office. There is no better form of advertising than an honest, trustworthy testimonial from an actual patient. Loyal patients are walking billboards for your practice.

Loyal Patients Listen

Loyal patients will trust your expertise. They know you do quality work and care about their health and well-being. Often, this translates into them being more willing to accept additional treatments or services such as cosmetic work. It is essential that you build trust and respect with your patients, because once they are on your side, they will bring you additional business.

I Want More Loyal Patients

Would you like to increase the number of loyal patients you have? One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to offer something that other dental offices are lacking: an affordable, attractive payment plan. The Private Dental Plan™ can help you boost patient loyalty because it provides real value to them. A leading factor in whether or not someone decides to seek dental care is cost. It’s hard to develop a loyal patient base when patients are resistant to come in due to fears about price. The Private Dental Plan™ eliminates this barrier. It’s the perfect tool for attracting and keeping new patients.

To learn more about how The Private Dental Plan™ can benefit your practice and increase the number of loyal patients you receive, contact us today. We have helped dentists nationwide improve their profits and case acceptance numbers thanks to our in-office dental plan. Get started today.