Dental Practices Services, Inc.One-third of the American public does not seek regular dental care according to the American Dental Association (ADA). How can your practice capture this untapped market for prospective patients? A primary indicator of whether patients seek dental care is insurance coverage options. Fewer people have dental insurance than medical insurance. In some circles, dental care is not viewed as a necessity. Ready to change this flawed perception? Read on.

Take Control, Offer Options

People will seek dental care if they know there are available coverage options. Take control of your practice and create an in-house plan. Dealing with insurance companies can be just as frustrating for your patients as it is for your practice. Cut the confusion, cut the red tape. Tap into this market of potential patients that need dental care but can’t afford it. It is easier to sell dentistry when you provide numerous options for patients to work with.

Dentistry Provides Value, Prove It!

Oral health care is a crucial element to your overall health. As a dentist, you know that, but the public might think otherwise. Prove your value and worth. There are patients who need serious dental care but are avoiding it because they don’t think they can afford it. Prove them wrong by offering them a plan that fits their needs. Use the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of dental health and earn a repeat patient.

Change Your Structure, Reach Your Goals

Changing the way your practice works with patients is the key to reaching your long-term goals. Growth can only be achieved by reaching new patients. Position your practice as one that is a pleasure to visit. Remember the old saying, “Location, Location, Location”? It still applies. You need to be where potential patients are looking. That location is as a practice that offers numerous payments options, good value, and high-quality care.

Try rethinking your practice from the inside-out. Offering an in-house insurance plan will allow your patients to have additional payment options. You are providing a valuable service to your patients, but some of them need assistance in order to consider making an appointment. You don’t have to revolutionize the entire industry to reach new patients, but you can start by taking a fresh approach to your own practice.

Ready to create an in-house plan that works for both your patients and your practice? Contact us to get started.