Dental Practice Services

For your practice to get the most out of utilizing the Private Dental Plan® it is important to set yourself up for success. We will help your practice get started, and we will help you manage your plan. To ensure your plan gets started successfully, here are two steps you can take to leverage the strengths of offering the Private Dental Plan®.

Step 1: Train Your Team

To ensure the Private Dental Plan® works efficiently for your practice, your entire team will need to be on the same page. To achieve this, you should train your team together on your new in-office plan. This includes your front office staff, hygienists, and assistants. Everyone should be able to communicate the benefits of the Private Dental Plan® clearly and effectively to current and prospective patients.

You and your team will need to know how to answer any questions patients might have. Try putting yourself into the mindset of a patient. What questions might you have? Use this as the starting point for training. We’ll help you manage your customized plan, but your team will need to fully understand the benefits of offering an added payment option.

Step 2: Market Your Plan

The only way your current and prospective patients will be aware of your added service is if you market it properly. You are offering your patients the value of additional payment options, so be sure they understand this. Laws differ in each state, but you should not market it as an insurance plan. Instead, describe your Private Dental Plan® as an in-office savings plan.

Market inside your office by explaining the plan to patients. Don’t forget to utilize e-mail and social media to reach patients who aren’t in your office. Let your community hear about your new financial option. The Private Dental Plan® can help your practice achieve higher rates of patient retention and boost the number of new patients you receive, but these patients will need to know the details of your new service.

We will be with you every step of the way to set up and manage the Private Dental Plan®. Your most important role will be in making sure your team and patients fully understand the benefits of your in-office plan. This starts by training your entire team, and marketing payment options to your patients.

To get started with your customized Private Dental Plan®, contact us today.