As seen in Benco Dental’s Incisal Edge

We are excited to announce that in this upcoming issue of Benco Dental's Incisal Edge, DPS's own Greg Beck will be featured as a guest post discussing suggestions for dentists who implement the Private [...]

2020-02-27T08:11:28-05:00February 27, 2020|

Biomimetic Dentistry and Private Dental Plan™

In-Office Dental Plan Biomimetic dentistry utilizes conservative, minimally-invasive techniques to preserve and protect teeth. Due to its focus on repairing teeth through bonding and sealing, biomimetic dentistry helps prevent damage to healthy tooth structure [...]

2018-06-06T13:24:08-05:00June 6, 2018|

3 Ways an In-Office Plan Makes Your Life Easier

Dental Insurance Alternate Creating an in-office dental coverage plan will not only benefit your patients, it can also make your life easier. With the Private Dental Plan®, your practice can offer patients individualized service. [...]

2017-07-20T08:42:43-05:00April 4, 2017|
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